Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Alma não tem cor - Karnak

Way back in 2000 or so, I discovered the OG Napster. I still think that it was the greatest thing to happen to music since the invention of the piano forte.

By the time that I caught up with it, Napster had everything and anything, in spades. Fourteen million users, and seven or eight million on line at any given time. One morning I got up for work as usual. While I was drinking my tea and reading the New York Times I came across an article about a Brazilian band called Karnak. It was one of those Talking Heads kind of moments, the writer was having trouble describing their music. I went upstairs to take a shower and get dressed and the first thing that I did was check Napster for Karnak. I downloaded six songs while I was in the shower and listened to them while I was getting dressed. Later that day, I got a direct message from another Napster user. It was a teenager in Brazil who thought it was great that I liked Karnak and wondered how I'd heard about them in the first place.

So yeah, Napster, and Karnak. Now it's all up on the YouTube anyway, I suppose. Good for us!

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