Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Vocabulary Alert!

I read a nice article the other day and came across the word "risible." I had no immediate recognition of the word, but in context it seemed to mean something like "arguable," or "possible."

No cigar, Mr. Fred!

"risible (adj)  such as to provoke laughter;
risibility, risibly
Late Latin: risibilis; Latin: ris, ridere (to laugh)"

In the context of the article, laughable made great sense. The word was used in reference to an element of the current administration's foreign policy regarding Mexico, which is hysterical in general.

I thought, this is an important word for our times! So much of our daily flow of information concerning the current presidential administration, and our current congress, and each of them, is ridiculous. We need to buff-up our vocabularies to keep up with the necessary derision.

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