Saturday, April 29, 2017

Abyssia ‎– Gwekana : Afro Funk Disco Soul Fusion Cameroon Full Album LP ...

This is some kind of semi-informal project put together by musicians from the Cameroon back in the 1980s. That's about what the notes say on the YouTube anyway.

It was posted by a fellow called sunnyboy66, who seems to be a man of eclectic tastes who works tirelessly in the pursuit of human happiness. The CDs that he has posted to YouTube would, if laid end to end, reach to the moon and back, at least. I often wonder if he's retired, or perhaps independently wealthy, because the volume of his posting must take up a huge amount of time. Maybe he has a staff! It's a mystery.

But thanks, sunnyboy66. By now you're right up there with Soulphisticate, of the OG Napster, as a musical co-conspirator of mine.

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