Friday, February 24, 2017

The Chordettes "Lollipop" & "Mr. Sandman"

Much of the 1950s may look like fun in retrospect, but the reality was such a pre-Freudian horror that by now it all looks like a madhouse run by monkeys. Take "Lollipop," by the Chordettes for example.

Did it every occur to them? Why no, it did not.

Six or so years later Millie Small had a hit with "My Boy Lollipop." By then, the Freudian train had arrived at the station, allowing a lot of people to be in on the joke. It still got on the radio, so most of the culture was still drinking the Kool-Aid, but the rest of us got it, big time. Not like it was difficult to understand. The imagery is pretty stark.

In 1958, for the Chordettes, everyone was still asleep. Those were simpler times.

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