Saturday, January 21, 2017

French Foreign Legion

Speaking of marching and the French Foreign Legion . . . wasn't I speaking about marching recently? Last week or something? Well, here's a nice video of some of the lads doing their slow-march around some town in Afghanistan (I believe).

These guys aren't worried about precision; they're just getting some exercise. Maybe showing some class for the locals. Doing their eighty-eight beat per minute march (Trademark).

There are many videos of the Legion marching up on YouTube. Usually they have the engineers out front (aka pioneers or sappers). The engineers all have beards. Sometimes they carry shovels; sometimes axes. Generally all Legionnaires appear to have bad attitudes.

The comments on YouTube are typically funny. There are big arguments about the relative toughness of U.S. Marines and the Legion, and major disparagements of European soldiers in general. Mostly from armchair-generals and game players, you know, real experts. My own opinion? There are a half-dozen or eight outfits around the world that I'd consider the last guys you'd want coming after you, and the Marines and the Legion are both on the list.

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