Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Arthur Conley-Sweet Soul Music

This is a nice video, and a great song, and it's a good lesson in fashion, too.

Arthur is wearing a suit that is a lot like the "fashion forward" suits of our own era. Very short and tight on the jacket, and narrow on the pants. That jacket is way above the tips of his thumbs; hell, it's above his thumbs all together!

And yet, on Arthur Conley, it works. He is a tall man. His shoulders are very wide, and his hips are very narrow, he doesn't need any help to enhance or diminish either dimension.

So hear this lesson now, and believe it: unless your shoulders are this wide, and your hips this narrow, never wear one of these new suits with the narrow, tight, short jackets and the tight, low cut pants. Men! The western business suit is your friend! It is designed to make the average man look slimmer and taller than he actually is. Don't misuse it to make yourself look narrower in the shoulders and wider in the hips, not to mention shorter altogether.

Thus endeth the lesson.

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