Thursday, October 27, 2016

The speech I would like to hear from Donald Trump

Wow. What color is the sky on that planet?

The speech, of course, is from the movie The Great Dictator, delivered by auteur Charlie Chaplin. It's a great speech, for sure.

I recently commented on the Chaplin original that was posted on the Facebook. I suggested that the sentiments expressed were among those that we could all agree with. BUT . . . these days those words, liberty; tyranny; decency; democracy; help; freedom; greed; hatred; mankind; victims; progress; unnatural men; all of these words have very different meanings to different people.

We Americans have taken two sides opposite each other across a brightly colored line. One man's tyranny is Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama; the other man's tyranny is Paul Ryan, and Rudolph Giuliani, and Newt Gingrich (Newt! I still can't get over that name!), and Chris Christie (or has he retired from the field?).  Within our representative government, neither side can even talk to one another. They no longer speak the same language. One side, the Democrats, does at least still give lip service to our constitutional values of cooperation and compromise. The other side, the Republicans, looks to the constitution and finds only the authority to stonewall opposition and destroy our rights and our democratic institutions. Why, the Republicans are now actively talking about destroying the Supreme Court. Who needs it! The Constitution created it, but the Cato Institute says that we can destroy it if we want to! Who are you gonna believe!?!!

Both sides, ultimately, are working for the large corporations and the super-rich, so this whole weird drama is a distraction while the lives of almost everybody go to hell in a big fucking hurry. No one at all works for the bottom 99% of us. And yeah, it might even get worse, because while most of us are losing ground in bits and pieces the entire earth could be preparing a sudden, catastrophic environmental collapse. Science, which many people don't even believe in anymore, might just kill most of us on its own motion within the next hundred years or so. Won't that be fun!

Not to worry, though. That top one percent will end up safe in orbit or something, with some robots and a few slaves to tend to their every need. Slave! Blow me! Robot! Whip me up some coc au vin! And a martini! Extra dirty! The ne plus ultra of life on earth. Who needs culture anyway?

But go ahead on, people. Vote for Donald Trump. Hell, vote for that fool Gary Johnson. Or Jill Stein. Go ahead! Protest with your vote! "They're all corrupt," I can hear many of you say, "I'm voting for Trump! At least he'll shake things up!" Or even better, "I'm voting for Trump," say some, "because at least with him in office the collapse of the entire system will come more quickly." Yes, my friends, anarchy has suddenly become popular with people who very recently had a much better grasp of reality. What kind of logic is that? Brexit logic, I call it. Please recall how fast the regret set in when the cousins voted to Brexit.

The world hasn't quite gotten to hell just yet, but from where we stand now, Joe DiMaggio could throw a baseball into hell without any trouble at all.

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