Monday, August 8, 2016

Look For The Good: Talking Heads Edition

I’ve got to do some real thinking these days to make my good-list. It’s hard to make it really work as a way of cheering myself up. I find a few things right away at the top, wonderful things, but then the whole list turns to shit in a big hurry. Let’s face it, the world is in generally bad shape. Huge swaths of the globe are wrapped in black crepe bunting. Countries almost beyond counting have “failed.” Our own Shining City on the Hill is up Shit’s Creek without a paddle. Here’s a good thing though: I don’t have cable TV anymore. No more CNN, that’s good; no more BBC, that’s good. I never had Fox News in the first place, that’s a double-plus-good. Those talking heads, those over-coifed, hyper-caffeinated know-nothings that pass for pundits on our televisions aren’t good for anything but pissing a good man off.

(I almost said, “. . . that pass for public intellectuals . . .” But we know that that would be a ridiculous stretch of the facts, do we not?)  

The saddest thing in the world today is people on TV pretending to know all about something just so that they can make a living pretending to explain it to the rest of us. How sad is it, Johnny? Well Jimbony, it’s the saddest thing in the world.

Those smug idiots, and those knowing looks, and those pretentious (portentous? Both!) nods of the head, and those faux-certain explanations, well, they were just fucking kill me.

But no more. So look for the good! 

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