Friday, August 5, 2016

Herbal Essences Shampoo

Shampoo is an Indian word, imported into English by the cousins during their ascendancy there. I like the Herbal Essences shampoo myself, mostly because it seems mild enough, has a good smell, rinses cleanly, and is often on sale.

There are many different formulas for the consumer to choose from. Again, I always get the one that’s on sale, having no real preference. My condo has two bathrooms, and I keep a bottle in each shower.

I’m currently stocked with:

1.   Herbal Essences Citrus Lift, which is said to contain essences of tangerine, lemongrass and aloe vera. It is described as a “shampoo for dry or coloured hair,” and it is claimed that it will make hair “radiant and soft,” and

2.   Herbal Essences with Camellia Hot Oil, which is said to contain rose hips, vitamin E and jojoba. This one will is a shampoo for dry hair, which will make hair weighty and strong.

I use them in some kind of disorganized alternation, so I can expect hair that is radiant, soft, weighty and strong. Who wouldn’t want that?

If I had more hair, perhaps I could better gauge the results. As it is, all that I can report is that my hair, all quarter inch of it on about thirty percent of my head, is clean. In the style of Californians, I am in the habit of taking at least one comprehensive shower every day, so I value that. 

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