Thursday, August 4, 2016

Eddie Harris Quartet - Movin' On Out

In the post below, where you read, "The Electrifying Eddie Harris," now read "Eddie Harris/High Voltage."

This is Eddie really having some fun with a good crowd.

That Roland Space Echo, by the way, was a real beast to handle. It had about a mile of recording tape in it, and keeping it all on the beam was a challenge. "Delicate," you'd have to call it. I obtained one in the mid-1990s, and I never could get it running. Did I get it as partial payment for a law gig? I don't recall paying for it, which would have been a stupid thing to do at that point, for a used, semi-non-functional one. I asked in a shop about getting it running, and the guy kind of rolled his eyes towards the ceiling and said that it would be "expensive."

This is one of my favorite albums.

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