Thursday, August 4, 2016

Eddie Harris - He's Island Man

I wasn't a big jazz guy in the Sixties (or the Seventies, for that matter). I came to jazz later on. I liked Wes Montgomery, sure, and Jimmy Smith, but they were playing instruments that I loved (electric guitar and Hammond B3). Somehow, though, I loved Eddie Harris.

I don't recall how I even came to purchase it, but I got a copy of "The Electrifying Eddie Harris," and that was that, I was a fan. I played the hell out of that album. I had this one too, and then a few more. Somehow, Eddie Harris spoke to me.

Even now, I'd say that he's a very good player, with good tone, but one of the greats? I'll let the real jazzbeaus decide, but I don't think that 'Trane or 'Bird have anything to worry about. Eddie's strong point was that he was adventurous, he took chances. He used devices that were cutting edge, like the Roland Space Echo. He went out of his way to get some tone that he liked. I liked it, too. And he played with a sense of humor, I always like that.

This is a great cut.

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