Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Gamera Under Mysterious Circumstances

Okay, so I'm watching Gamera: Guardian of the Universe on the wi-fi over here. I always think of this movie as the first of the "new" Gamera movies. And then it hits me: this movie was made over twenty years ago!

That's how it works. You meet a nice young doctor and find out that he was born in 1988. You play a song by the Shirelles and realize that it was recorded over fifty years ago. Time is not only right here and right now all the time, it also recedes at a frightening rate. So there's that.

The version that I'm watching is in the original Japanese, which I appreciate. I don't understand the language, but I've seen so many of these movies that I can easily imagine what they are saying. This version includes Spanish subtitles, and it's surprising to me how much of that language I can read and understand. Many of the Spanish words are recognizable to English speakers, and we all pick up a lot of Spanish vocabulary along the way, we Americans, especially those of us who have lived in New York and Los Angeles all of our lives. I'm embarrassed to say that at this point I can read Spanish a lot better than I can read Thai, after having lived here for over ten years. That hurts, in its way.

Anyway, great movie. I recommend it.

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