Monday, May 30, 2016

Stephen Colbert's Awful Suits

Who is dressing Stephen Colbert? He's been wearing the worst suits in television history since his first day on this run of shows. His stylist should be fired, at least, or ideally imprisoned on Devil's Island for a few decades. What the fuck is going on?

These "Fashion Forward" suits only work on a fraction of a percent of the male population. Worn by 99 point umpteen percent of men they only succeed in making the man's shoulders look very narrow, and the man's hips and ass look very big. Did I mention they make the man's legs look short? Not to mention that the suits themselves look ridiculous, folding and creasing and clinging in all of the wrong places.

Why would Stephen wear these things? Can he not see himself? They only serve to make him look plump and old and desperate. It's unnerving.

Is CBS involved with this fashion assassination? I'd like to think that Stephen would never pick those suits for himself, or hire a stylist that would pick them. I think that he would fire a stylist that would pick them.

If I knew how to start a mass movement, I would. Somebody save Stephen Colbert from these suits!!!

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