Sunday, February 14, 2016

His Name Is John, By The Way

Politics, oye vey ist mir, it's enough already!

But still the current Bush is all up on the JEB thing. Not Jeb, mind you, because it's not a name like yours or mine. It's his INITIALS, for Christ's sake, it's "JEB," as though that were a name.

The man's name is John Ellis Bush, and yet the name never surfaces. In the new TV ads from South Carolina, George W. Bush shows up and praises "JEB" to the rafters. It's all sickening.

George must know his real name, but how many Americans could tell you what his name was? Show his mug to one hundred Americans and ask them, "who is this?" Thirty of them, of course, wouldn't have a clue anyway, because that many Americans are totally clueless these days. Most of the rest would say, "JEB Bush." Would even one of them say, "John Bush?"

It's enough to make a grown man cry.

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