Friday, January 29, 2016

Underrated, My Bony, Old White Ass

By the way, here's WatchMojo's list of the ten most underrated rock bands:

10. Mudhoney;
9.   Credence Clearwater Revival;
8.   The Stone Roses;
7.   Deep Purple;
6.   Electric Light Orchestra;
5.   Tears for Fears;
4.   Violent Femmes;
3.   ZZ Top;
2.   The Pixies;
1.   The Kinks.

Actually, haven't six of those bands been amply rewarded with critical and commercial success?  I'd say only Mudhoney, the Stone Roses, Violent Femmes and the Pixies should even qualify for this list.

I'd agree that the Kinks and ZZ Top were underrated, to a degree, but not to the degree that anyone should feel sorry for them. They're famous; lots of people love them; they're making a living. A couple of the others were great bands and quite influential within the community of musicians, but they never really made a dime or got wide exposure.

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