Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Cool Movie Alert: Milano Calibro 9

Or should I say, “all the way cool movie alert.” No local stops on the way to cool for this movie, it's express all the way. This movie is so cool that you’ve got to wear shades just to watch it. Careful! You might get burned! My friend Norman used to say that he liked movies that were “nuts.” Brothers and sisters, this movie is nuts. I watched the whole thing last night, right on the YouTube. The price was right, and it was a very good time.

It was, however, a challenge to one's ability handle confusion. The dialog was in the original Italian, and the subtitles were in Portuguese. Bear in mind that where there are subtitles, we are accustomed to reading them. This is great if your hobby is Romance Languages, but otherwise it can be somewhat distracting, and not in a good way.

The clip above is somebody’s YouTube gift to the world, a mashup of “Shakin All Over,” as covered by the Twiliters, and a scene from an Italian gangster movie called “Milano Calibro 9.”  (1972, directed by Fernando Di Leo.) The dancing girl is one of the stars of the movie, her name is Barbara Bouchet. The fellow nervously smoking a cigarette at the bar is a character named Ugo Piazza, played by Gaston Moschin.  He’s the real star, he’s in practically every scene. Does he look a little bit familiar? Around the jaw and the teeth, maybe? I thought so, too, and sure enough he played Fanucci in Godfather II!

This movie is not for the feint hearted, it should be rated “W,” for Watch The Fuck Out If Can’t Tolerate Violence In Movies.

I was lucky to find this movie, and it was all because I stumbled across the website shakin-all-over.de while I was looking for info about Hamburg rock bands from the Star Club era. This whole Internet thing is a rocking good time, I’ll say. 

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