Friday, January 1, 2016

PROJEKT B aka PROJECT A Part II 2 - Deutscher Trailer

Stephen Chow's alleged hero is Jackie Chan.  So I wondered:  how many movies has Jackie Chan done for the hat trick, writing, directing and staring?  Turns out that Jackie managed that a few times himself.

Project A, Part II is the worst movie title of all time, but it is massively entertaining.  Not just in the stunts either, not just in the death defying aerial antics.  It's Jackie Chan in 1987, at the height of his powers.  Some of the set pieces are worthy of the Marx Brothers at the height of their own powers, like the routine where Jackie is handcuffed to the girl while she is being interviewed by a police superintendent.

The girl!  That would be Maggie Chueng!  Madre de Dios, has there ever been a more beautiful actress, not to mention very talented, and funny as hell, and just plain bad-ass cooler than James Dean.

This is a cool movie.  The complete movie is up on the 'Tube.  Written by, directed by, and staring Jackie Chan.

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