Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Golf, Continued

Pete Rose has never been my favorite anything. I never liked the Cincinnati Reds in general. Way too much ego and aggression; blunt force and no style. And after he beat up Bud Harrelson that time, well, the whole city of New York lost any tender feelings that it might have had for Pete. He's never been famous as a funny guy, or a smart guy, for that matter, but he said one true and entertaining thing about golf:

"You'd think that golf would be easy, but it's not. I mean, the ball just lays there, and you're supposed to hit it, so you'd think that it was easy. But in baseball, if you hit three great shots out of ten, you're in the Hall of Fame. In golf, you have to hit a great shot every time. So it's hard."

(I'm sure that Pete said it a little bit differently, but that's about the size of it.)

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