Monday, January 11, 2016

David Bowie "Life on Mars?" from Hunky Dory Ryko Clear Vinyl Edition

I seem to be taking this one personally. We of a certain age are becoming accustomed to people in our catalog dying, I mean it's a weekly occurrence by this time. RIP Lemmy! I usually shrug it off, more or less regretfully. This one is different.

I had been aware of David Bowie from his earliest appearances in Rave magazine and the New Musical Express music newspaper from England, but I had never heard anything of his at all until Space Oddity hit the New York radio in 1972. This was after Ziggy Stardust, that one passed me by, too. I thought Space Oddity was great, and I bought the LP immediately. The very next day I went back to the store and bought Bowie's entire back-catalog. Hunky Dory; The Man Who Sold the World; Ziggy Stardust; was there another one? I was smitten.

By now I would probably say that the Eno trilogy were my favorites, but my single favorite might be something more commercial like Modern Love, and now that I think of it maybe my favorite is the Aladdin Sane LP, who knows? And The Man Who Fell to Earth, man, that was a hoot, enhanced and all. Those were interesting times.

I'll stop rambling now. This one is different, that's all. Just terribly different.

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