Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Creation - Making Time

"Take your pick; makes you sick . . ."  Not trying to make any friends, these guys.

My ownership of this import Planet Records 45 cemented my acceptance into a group of friends, many of which I am still proud to be in contact with.  (Yes, the group in the recent posts.)  I'd read about it in the New Musical Express, and I got my copy at Bleeker Street Records in what was then still part of Little Italy.  You see? I've always done my homework (although never, at the time, school homework).

Still a great sounding cut, and yes, Jimmy Page did get the idea for the violin bow from this fellow, whose name I could look up, but I don't feel like it at this moment.  (All I've got at this point is a compilation CD, it's around here somewhere.)

They sound angry, don't they? I have always valued that highly in rock n' roll.

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