Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Lee Dorsey - Ride Your Pony (The Sam and Dave Show, 1967)

I don't know.  America might be in some sort of weird doldrums these days, but we've still got our culture, don't we?  OUR culture, our ultra-cosmopolitan, super-diversified culture.  And it comes in handy, too.

While the Frenchies were making some kind of obscure philosophical point by listening to Antoine et le Problemes, we were dancing to Lee Dorsey.  And how about that Sam and Dave Show Band!  Take that, rest of the world.  Y'all can't do what we do.

And philosophically, let's face it, "Ride Your Pony" is one of the deepest songs of all time.  Shoot that pistol, baby!  Let's do this thing.

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