Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Engrish T-Shirts: Unintended Meanings

I see T-shirts all the time that say things that would get you arrested in some American cities.  My friends and I wonder if the wearers have any idea what their T-shirt says, and we agree that they cannot.  And I can tell you, if anyone were to wear a T-shirt that said the same things in the local language, they’d get arrested right on the spot. 

Just the other day I was shopping at a small, local mall and I saw a plump young woman wearing an oversize blue T-shirt that said:

“I just want you to FUCK me.” 

Most of the lettering was white, with the “FUCK” in bright yellow.
This is not even an extreme example.  We see this stuff all the time. 

That same day I saw one that was not wild enough to draw legal action, but it was enough to carry a message that was probably unintended.  Probably.

This was a tight, black T-shirt on a very pretty woman in her early twenties.  She was otherwise dressed in a very short, very tight, white mini skirt and she was wearing pumps with preposterously high heels and platform soles.  The T-shirt was stretched over enormous breasts, no doubt obtained from a doctor.  The lettering was stretched to distortion over the breasts. The shirt said, in a very pleasant, playful font:

“Tickle Party.” 

Like I say, the message was “probably” unintended.  She might have been working. I always think that it’s rude of me to even venture that as a guess, but it’s a possibility.

I very much enjoy my life here.  Everything is endlessly fascinating, and living here is comfortable in all of its details.  It's always interesting, which is something that I value very much. 

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