Monday, December 7, 2015

Antoine Et Les Problèmes -[01]- Je Dis Ce Que Je Pense Et Je Vis Comme J...

I'm pretty sure that I own this record, picture cover and all.  Unable to check, I am, because my records are long ago and far away by now.  The collection is still intact, but my son has custody right now, and nine time zones is a long, long ways away.

I can guarantee that I have one Antoine 45 RPM record with a picture cover, and this one looks familiar.  Why I would have purchased such a thing, I don't know.  Probably because I had a good friend at the time who was a Francophile.  He and I went to see French New Wave movies, and he kept me up to date on the French "music" scene.

Antoine was supposed to be the French Bob Dylan, the French Donovan.  Clearly, from the evidence, he was not.  Perhaps he was better, more listenable, than Les Etoile.  I should check.

The French are interesting.  Pictorial arts, check.  Literature, check.  Cinema, check and double check. Music?  Forget it.  Move along!  Nothing to see here!  

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