Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Pope And Kim Davis

We should thank Pope Francis for secretly meeting with that horrible creature, Kim Davis.  Just as we were being lulled into a false sense of security he went out of his way to remind us that he is, after all, a pope.

The pope is, first and foremost, the guardian of all of the property rights that the Catholic Church has accumulated over the last one thousand, six hundred years.  The pope is also the custodian of all of the theology etc that the church has invented from whole cloth over the centuries.  Some popes are more personally vile, some are more political, at least one in my lifetime has been actively evil, but there is occasionally one that seems to be sincere.  John XXIII was one of those.  Just as we were thinking that this Francis could be another sincere pope, he snapped us back to reality.

We should thank him for that.

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fred c said...

My history with the Catholic Church has made me, perhaps, too quick to condemn them. Talk has surfaced to the effect that Pope Francis was semi-tricked into shaking hands with Ms. Davis, in the midst of some kind of Festival of Hand Shaking. Pace, Francesco. I get carried away sometimes.