Monday, October 12, 2015

Mr. Fred Coins A Phrase

I think that I coined a phrase today!  I'm so proud!

"ConBot,"  a conservative robot who has internalized all of the hyper-con talking points and mean spiritedly trots them out in comments on the Internet.  When challenged, this type will fall back on, "please give me specifics.  I don't think you know what you are talking about."  Not receiving a scholarly essay with full citations in response, they declare victory and return to the Daily Caller to  brag to their friends.

Someone raised the issue on my Facebook this morning of drug testing for welfare recipients, and one fine fellow chimed in with, "we need to do something about all of these non-productive people.  They can't just expect to be supported by the taxes on real wage earners."  Somebody called him on this cruel attitude, and he demanded "specifics," suggesting that the reply came from some kind of sentimental fool.

I try never to engage these people, but I couldn't resist.  "Mr. (redacted), your fine mind has been compromised.  You have obviously been turned into a ConBot (conservative robot)."

I was rather proud of this formulation, but not overly so.  I always figure, if I've done something, that only proves that it can be done.  And if it can be done, it's probably been done already.  It was new for me, though, and I think that the shoe fits.

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