Monday, September 21, 2015

Readership On This Here Blog

Readership is down, but that’s my own fault.  For a few months there I was posting rarely.  For one of those months, I wasn’t allowed in at all, so I couldn’t post if I’d have wanted to.  (I was in America for a change, and they didn’t believe that I was me.)  Regular readers prefer regular posting, and I understand that.  I’ll try to be more consistent. 

I still have good days, high hit-count days.  High for Spin Easy Time! is something approaching one hundred.  I check the stats, and I try to figure out who’s reading and what you all seem to like.  The analysis is challenging, and my conclusions are probably dubious. 

The blog gets what to me is an amazing number of hits from the Ukraine and Russia.  I mean, thank you all for reading, and you are certainly welcome, but I really don’t know what attracts you.  Interested in American culture?  (That was the guess of a Ukrainian friend of mine.)  I suppose most of what I write is illustrative of that, or comments on it.  The U.S.A. and Thailand are numbers one and two, which is not surprising as I am from the former and live in the later.  

Readership in Germany has spiked!  That was a nice surprise.  Vielleicht soll ich ein wenig auf Deutsch schreiben, von Zeit zu Zeit.  Ich habe zeimal in Deutschland gereist, und die Deutscher haben mir immer nett und hilflich gewesen sein.  Wilcommen! 

My sincerest thanks to everyone who is hanging in there.  

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