Sunday, March 22, 2015

Magic Sam - Roll Your Moneymaker

You know that I love these underrated performers from days gone by.  I have a hunch that the best time around, back in old time Chicago, was Magic Sam up in some club somewhere.  The man's whole style spells FUN. 

From what I read, Sam wasn't particular about his equipment.  Maybe he'd show up with a guitar, or maybe he'd just play what was laying around, and for amps he'd always play the house set up.  I don't think that the man was particularly adept with money, relationships, or impulse control.  But he sure could play.  Maybe not a solid tone-Meister like some of the other guys, with the heavy fingers and all, but he could sure keep the musical idea coming on strong, and he could keep the guitar ringing, "like a bell," as they say.  He's a good singer too.  And as a performer, doesn't he sound like a real charmer?  A great little entertainer? 

I find everything about Magic Sam endearing.  That's the word.  His style; his smile; his flaws; everything.   Largely forgotten, and it's a shame.  I hope that he doesn't get lost in the shuffle along the line.

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