Monday, February 16, 2015

Animated Sheet Music: "Giant Steps" by John Coltrane

Yes, I repeat myself.  But this is my favorite song, and my favorite video on YouTube. 

I am almost ashamed to say that when I was young, a teenager let's say, or a twenty-Something, I would sometimes say, in my abrasive manner of the time, that such jazz was "rampant scale-mongering."  Sure, I liked Wes Montgomery, he played guitar after all, and I did like Jimmy Smith a lot, man, I loved me some hot Hammond B3, but jazz?  With horns?  I didn't get it.  And all of the not-getting-it kind of made me nervous.  I admit it now, now that I'm, let's say, "older," and for us older people "embarrassed by our youth" is our middle name.  But as I grew in experience, in listening to and playing music, I started to get a glimpse, maybe only a glimpse, of what guys like 'Trane and Diz and Miles and Prez and Ornette and the rest were trying to do, trying and succeeding, wildly succeeding in this case. 

And how great is it to watch it spin itself out on a chart!  Thanks, Dan Cohen, for sharing and thanks a lot to whoever put this video together in the first place.  And thanks, John, wherever you are, for playing the shit out of this thing in the first place.  It's just great, great, great.

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