Saturday, January 10, 2015

Train ~ Expressway to Your Skull.wmv

Train, from the album Expressway to Your Skull, released in 1968.  This video has received only 404 hits since 2012, so yes, people forget.

It's refreshing to recall that some good things happened in 1968, which stands out in the memories of the experienced as the worst year in living memory.  1968 was a catalog of unrelieved horror from beginning to end.  The wars, the assassinations, the social turmoil, the extra-judicial killings, the revolutions, the bitter demonstrations around the world, the urban riots, oye, vey ist mir, all against the background of impending nuclear destruction.  Next to 1968, our problems today are like a pleasant trip to Disneyland.

It's also incredible to think that this burst of creative energy, and many others in 1968, came only four years after the sweetly saccharin hits of the Beatles in 1964.  Boy, that was a busy four years of progress right there. 

Buddy died in 2008, still working, at the age of sixty.  Neither he nor the Buddy Miles Express are in the so-called Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, further destroying the credibility of that institution.  So yes, people forget.  

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