Thursday, October 30, 2014

Paxman vs Brand - full interview - BBC News

Russell Brand has become a rare, gracious and lucid voice of  reason in our society.  (Exclamation points.)

Isn't it a bit surprising, a bit of a shock, and yes, a bit of a shame, that we should have to wait for a mere "comedian" to take up this mantle?  A shame, isn't it, that we should have to wait for Russell Fucking Brand to speak the truth so directly and effectively to the abuse of power that is drowning us?  

Well, I'm just grateful.  Thanks Russell!  I hope that people listen.  It's sad that a clown has to step forward as a statesman while all of the statesmen are busy turning themselves into clowns. 

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P Winn said...

Brand may be one of the sparks for the next turning. I think it will take another stock market crash for that to happen though, and it will crash. Obama is just holding on so the crash happens after he’s gone (something like Bush tried to do). Our system is broken, but it’s going to take the youngsters to try and fix it.