Friday, September 19, 2014

THE CLEFTONES Heart and Soul [original]

I loved this music in the '50's, and I thank God for it on a regular basis.  Not only was it great music, but it also taught my generation a great lesson, without intending to and apparently effortlessly. 

Groups like this gave us the idea that black Americans were just like us.  To us, including boys that were not generally fans of racial equality, these groups were talented and entirely admirable.  Groups like the Del Vikings, groups that included black and white singers, showed us that we could all get along.  My favorite sports team, the Brooklyn Dodgers, was part of the lesson.  It was all very subversive, wasn't it?  Racial harmony was possible!  Amazing. 

Maybe someday we'll even get there.  It's more of a slog than I would have guessed.  From the evidence these days, I don't think that I'll see in my lifetime.  My granddaughter, maybe.

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