Sunday, September 21, 2014

Marshall Crenshaw Our Town (HQ)

This has been up on YouTube for three years and it's only had 8,481 hits.  That's criminal.

And no, I didn't only like him just because he looks kind of like me.  (Remember, the picture is from the early 80's, when I was thirty-something, and still had hair, and Marshall was only a few years younger.)  He's a great singer, a great songwriter, and a great guitar player.  That is what they call in hockey a "Hat Trick." 

I went so far as to share this to Facebook, with a reverse-psychology blurb to throw people off the scent.  No one listens to music shared on Facebook.  Sometimes I feel like the testifyingest fool in the Valley of the Damned, but if I could strap all of my Facebook friends down and make them listen to five or six cuts by this guy, I'd risk jail to do it. 

You, dear reader, are part of a more sophisticated group, I'm sure.  You, I am confident, are much more likely to actually listen to this cut.  Thank you, as always, for every minute that you generously squander on my bullshit obsessions. 

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