Sunday, September 14, 2014

Cornelius - Count five or six

What's Cornelius up to these days?  I should check. 

The gig name "Cornelius" is part of a cautionary tale that I've gone into before on this blog.  It is now of critical importance to work under a searchable name, a name that when googled will lead searchers to you, and not a thousand superfluous, unrelated things.  Never name your band "Dinosaur," or "Broad Band." 

"Cornelius" is slightly better than those two examples, but it still yields a lot of stuff that is not the great man himself.  And he is great, I say that with confidence.  If he does something that I don't adequately understand, and he does, I hurry to take full blame for what is obviously my own failure.  Cornelius, as I have said, is the Hieronymous Bosch of rock. 

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