Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Who - The Last Time - 1967 45rpm

I've got this record somewhere, but I don't live there anymore. 

Turns out that the 'Stones got the song from a record by the Staple Singers.  Not quite a theft though, the song is "traditional."  I heard one of the Gospel versions tonight over the end credits of an episode of season seven of True Blood. 

Hadn't known that before.  Listening to all of them, I'd say that the Rolling Stones put enough form and substance into the song to claim a writing credit.  That's where the money is, after all.

I love the Who's version of the song.  It's all good, but Jesu Christus Corpus Dei, isn't Keith Moon a revelation here?  In ordinary reality, time it what it is, and only one thing can happen at a time.  Keith Moon lives in another universe altogether. 

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