Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Robin Williams Has Crossed The River

I'll have an awful lot more to say about this very shortly. 

In the meantime, wasn't he a treasure?  Isn't this a great picture?  Didn't he make us laugh out loud?  Didn't he make us think in a lot of those movies, you know, when he wasn't being silly at all? 

I wonder if channeling all of that energy on a regular basis could even be done without blowing out some circuits eventually.  Plus, there was the complication, about which I will have more to say. 

This is just terrible. 


P Winn said...

I was never a fan of the whole Mork thing. But everything else he did was amazing. Like so many geniuses he was always on the edge. His friend Jonathan Winters was also a favorite of mine (thought Red Skelton was the top for me.) I could watch Williams all night and just be amazed; so sad to lose him.

fred c said...

Very sad. The "complication" is depression, a subject near and dear to my heart. (Too near in fact, and the dear is sarcastic.)