Saturday, August 23, 2014

Not A Movie Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I went to see this movie for, let's say, social reasons.  My expectations were low.  In the end, I had a very good time and had lots of laughs.  I would have to say: I liked this movie. 

Watching the trailer beforehand I had gotten the idea that maybe Megan Fox had made some progress in the acting game, as opposed to the Movie Star game or the Great Looking Woman game.  Nope, sorry, the six seconds in the trailer in which it appears that she is actually acting are nowhere else replicated in the movie.  Sorry about that.  She is decorative, but then again, so is nice wallpaper. 

I'm not a fan of product placement, but some instances are more objectionable than others.  It is most objectionable, and highly out of character, and an affront to the great city of New York, to think that the turtles in question would be excited to see a pizza from Pizza Hut.  That would be beyond even my powerful ability to suspend disbelief.  I watch Godzilla movies for the fifteenth time with rapt attention, but Pizza Hut?  Mercy, please. 

This movie gets a terrible break on the IMDB, but it did okay on Rotten Tomatoes.  It doesn't belong on either a best of list or a worst of list.  It's a movie!  It's just a movie!  You'll laugh!  If you, like I did, know someone who wants to go to see this movie, go ahead, see it.  Not the worst way to spend an afternoon. 

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