Sunday, July 6, 2014

Cool Vehicle Alert: The Train Market

The "Train Market" is a regular thing behind the Seacon Square mall on Sri Nakarindara ("see-nakareen") Road in Bangkok.  It's all the way cool.

It has many good food options and a large area of stalls featuring the usual t-shirts, hats, clothes in general, phone covers, etc.  Then there's a considerable area devoted to indoor shops selling antiques of various ages and countries.  Lots of old radios and TV's, some jukeboxes, telephones, European and American household items like vases, lamps and mugs.  One shop had big racks of ORIGINAL concert t-shirts from bands going back to the early Seventies, faded but solid and very nostalgic.

And then there were the vehicles!  At the top is a very nice Nova custom (1970?).  That's a Sixties Honda Hawk next, probably a 175 cc.  The entire layout is identical to the Hawks and Super Hawks that made it to America.  How about that motorized bicycle?  Isn't that something?  The yellow pick-up truck was very nice.  It must have an air suspension hidden somewhere, I doubt if it would roll at that altitude, it's sitting right square on the deck.

We had burgers (beef, a rarity) at a place called "Halal Food."  The burgers, and the fries, and even the onion rings, were excellent.

A little on the hot side, but we're all used to that.  It didn't rain, although it threatened.  A wonderful outing.

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