Sunday, July 6, 2014

A German Energy Miracle

I recommend that you first read the below post, "Furor Teutonicus." 

FANTASY ALERT:  What follows is an exercise in “what if?” 

At a future meeting of the General Assembly of the United Nations, the German Ambassador is allowed to address the delegates on an urgent matter of first impression. 

He greets the assembly politely, if not warmly, and begins his speech . . .

(clears throat)  We do not wish to alarm anyone, but it has become necessary to inform the entire family of nations of certain developments in Germany’s energy capabilities.

German science has become justifiably famous for its efforts in the area of so-called alternative energy research.  You will be happy, perhaps, to learn that these efforts have borne fruit beyond anyone’s wildest imaginings.  In short, the world’s energy problems have been lavishly solved.  There will soon be in place, assuming all of your gracious cooperation, a worldwide system of totally clean energy generation that will economically achieve an output of power that will be far greater than anything that has been achieved with fossil fuels, and including in that superannuated total any and all of the small contributions of now obsolete forms of alternate energy sources such as nuclear, solar, wind and the rest. 

This was accomplished by a consortium of the German Government, the German scientific and academic communities, and various German business entities.  The results will, or course, remain proprietary, and will be administered by the newly created German Energy Authority.  All cooperating countries will now have at their fingertips a far greater output of available energy then they now possess, delivered at a cost substantially lower than they are now experiencing.  Yes, much more for rather less. 

The new power regime includes power generation, storage, and distribution.  It is intended to completely replace the use of fossil and nuclear fuels, on a schedule to be announced. 

The immediate impact of this simply cannot be overstated.  Not only the problem of energy, but also, for example, the problem of clear, potable water, will instantly be solved.  Many potential effects remain speculative, but it is likely that many of the currently perceived obstacles to the peace and prosperity of mankind will be rapidly moved into the “solved” column. 

The German Energy Authority (the “GEA”), will retain to itself the duty to administer this program of world salvation.  It will do so with an enlightened view to the common good, in consultation with the cooperating countries.  To be clear, the GEA will provide and maintain the physical plant of this enterprise, and the GEA will serve as the vendor of the resulting energy output.  Specifics will be provided later, but I can assure you that the prices will represent a considerable savings for all client states. 

(after a brief pause) It should also be noted that the GEA, and the German government, will be retaining for themselves the full magnitude of these new developments.  In other words, the GEA and the German government will have available to themselves alone an output of energy that will be, and will remain, exponentially greater than that available to any of the client states. 

(clears throat) And, incidentally, and again, without wishing to alarm anyone, I am authorized to inform you that the fullest expression of this revolutionary energy source has already been weaponized by the GEA.  In fact, three generations of heretofore unknown weapons have been developed, tested, and put into production.  These include several new transportation technologies.  The novel forms of transport will be demonstrated during the program of installing the new facilities in client countries.  The weaponry will remain secret, unless demonstrations become necessary. 

I am not authorized to take questions at this time, and there is currently no mechanism for answering questions.  Please be patient, everything will be explained to you. 

It should be obvious to everyone that these developments will put an end to warfare as we know it.  It is suggested that all countries and non-governmental entities now engaged in hostilities should immediately formulate cease fires on an urgent basis.  We suggest, and we are confident, that the tremendous benefits that are about to flow to all parties, everywhere, will be a sufficient balm to sooth whatever disputes have existed. 

Groups fighting groups has also become obsolete, and would represent an unacceptable counterproductivity.  The fighting is over; there is no longer anything to fight about.
There will be enforcement.  Think of the metaphor of the carrot and the stick.  There has never been a greater carrot than the gift of peace, health and prosperity for all of your people.  Regarding the stick, well, we remain hopeful that no demonstrations will become necessary. 

(remembers to smile)  We trust that you will all join us in celebrating this wonderful new chapter in the history of humanity! 

Thank you for your attention. 

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