Friday, June 27, 2014

The Who - Run Run Run

Recorded in October, 1966.  Not sure of the release date in America, but I'd say that my friends and I were listening to this album by January or February of '67.  It's a good one, too.  (If I'd have guessed before reading the recording date, I'd have thought the LP came out in mid-'66. Maybe I should check it.) 

Around this time the Who became the hardest working band in show business.  They came to New York for the Murray the K Show, March, '67.  They were in New York for much of '67 and '68, and they'd plug in and play any chance they got.  Sometimes they got paid; sometimes it was a freebie.  Good times. 

The Who pre-Tommy were just about the best band ever.  I think that bands tend to be better before they make any money.  Money ruins everything. 

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