Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Curtis Mayfield - Diamond in the Back

This is not Curtis Mayfield.  I mean, the guy in the picture is Curtis Mayfield, but the song is "Be Thankful for What You've Got," by William de Vaughn.  Isn't it great? 

The guitar does sound like Curtis to me, but that's not surprising.  Soul Music at the time was crowded with guys who played like Curtis.  I don't think the vocal sounds like Curtis at all.  Close enough for confusion I guess. 

So watch out for this whole Internet, knowledge at your fingertips thing.  Look at that hit count!  Three million people, many of whom had the wool pulled over their eyes.  Poor Mr. de Vaughn, one hit and they try to take it away from him.  This vid is even the lead in the Curtis Mayfield mix, Fifty Plus Videos!  Many of which are probably by Curtis.

The confusion spreads like oil on water.  There's at least one other version of this song posted as a Curtis Mayfield song.  Plus one or two that have a picture of Curtis but say NOT Curtis Mayfield.  And over on the Google, there's a mix of discussions of who does the song and did Curtis do a version and did he produce it and did he actually sing it, all kinds of shit.

And the discussion on some kind of Prince site, don't go there under any circumstances!  That site froze up my iMac like ice cream packed in dry ice!  It's still slow after a restart! 

Interneters, beware.

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