Friday, January 24, 2014

きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ - PONPONPON , Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - PONPONPON

Fifty-nine million hits, so I guess this is a popular song/artist.  I like it.

Disclosure:  I'm a big fan of Akira Kurasawa.  I've seen them all, from "Stray Dog" to "Dreams," and everything in between.  Other great Japanese film makers too, like Ozu, etc., not to mention almost all of the giant monster movies, samurai movies from high-tone to trashy, and "Cutey Honey."  Also "Star Man," "Samurai Sheriff," and "Tattooed Swordswoman."  I'm also a big fan of the Imperial Japanese Navy, especially the cruiser and destroyer divisions.  The capitol ships and the admirals, not so much, too timid.  Saburo Sakai was a hero of mine when I was twelve, he was a Zero ace.  I love Shibuya Kei, like Pizzicato Five and Fantastic Plastic Machine.  I think that Cornelius is one of the geniuses of our musical times.  I liked Pink Lady and the Candies in the seventies, and the Sadistic Mika Band is an all time favorite.  I also love Japanese food.  Haruki Murakami is my new favorite author.  I think that Japanese women are beautiful.  I have one Japanese friend, he's a great guy. 

For the record, I have zero desire to go to Japan.  That much of an outsider I don't want to feel like.  Thai people are actually pretty cosmopolitan and welcoming, because Thailand is a crossroads country that has always had lots of foreigners wandering around marrying Thai women and deciding to stay.  Always.  Japan is an island at the edge of the world.  It's not on the way to anywhere.

So yes, I like this song.  Now maybe I'll try to figure out which is her name and which is the name of the song. 

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