Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bangkok Cold Snap

"Winter" in Thailand is usually a joke.  For a month or so, in a typical year, the temperatures moderate, it's true, but it's still usually in the mid- to upper-eighties during the day and high sixties or maybe seventy at night (all temp's Fahrenheit).  This happens in December and January, more or less.  Six weeks tops.

This year the temperatures are rather lower, and the cool weather is lasting rather longer.  All of December and January so far, and again tonight we're expecting low sixties (tonight on Accuweather: 60).  It's been cool during the day too, and that's never happened in my ten years of experience.  Temperatures are barely cracking the low eighties.  

It's so much fun to watch the Thais chase around like they were freezing, wearing big jackets, gloves and scarves.  Even dogs with no owners are dressed in sweaters, I guess neighborhood people are afraid that they will die from the severe cold.  I understand though, it's all a question of what you're used to.  Thai people are used to very, very hot weather.  I usually say, Thailand has three seasons:  hot; very hot; and hot with rain.  This year it's a little different.  And two months (so far) is a real season, not the usual six weeks interlude. 

I don't think anyone will mind if Thailand gets a little cooler.  Not the ex-pat's for sure, probably not the Thais either.  I mean, a little bit cooler would probably be a good thing.  This Global Climate Change thing giveth, and it taketh away too.  Some places will change for the worse; some for the better.  If Thailand gets a little bit cooler it will still be hot most of the time, so the real aficionados will still have plenty of nice hot days.  

I just hope that the rain patterns don't change too much.  Let's just wish for the best: I hope that the pattern of frequent droughts in the northeast of Thailand becomes more forgiving.  Those poor farmers, in the sense of "unfortunate," life is hard for a farmer, they need their rain just right.  Not too much, not too little, not too early, not too late, those guys are picky.  They feed us though, so I love them

So hey, America, how's that climate change working out for you?   Oh.  Sorry I asked. 

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Allin58 said...

We’re freezing our arses off up here in the Boston area. This climate change thing is getting to be real interesting. Not that we’re going to do much about it though. That’s just how we humans roll.