Saturday, November 16, 2013

Restraint In These Troubling Times

Still quiet, and believe me, it's a blessing to y'all that I'm not sharing the furious typhoon of horror that I'm feeling these days.

Some day, maybe all of that will change.  As we speak, I'm only sixty-five years old.  I still semi-give-a-shit about what people think of me, and I still believe that protecting other people's feelings is a worthwhile endeavor.  Within ten years, that might all change.  Within twenty, DEFINITELY.

So there might be a much more entertaining "Spin Easy Time" in the more-or-less future.  Entertaining, unless you don't care much for blisteringly abrasive.  A future in which the lunch at the end of every fork suddenly comes into focus might just be a mixed blessing. 

Look to the sun for a warning.

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