Monday, October 7, 2013

The Gaps In YouTube, Like Little Jimmy Scott For Instance

There's some great Jimmy Scott on the 'Tube, but it's spotty.  Lots of stuff is missing.  The videos that are up have dismal view rates too.  Why, you'd almost think that people didn't have any idea what was good these days!!!

Like the Persuasions, for instance.  There's a goodly number of videos up there, but the hit counts are low, low, low.  I'll go out on a limb here: I know it's not just me that thinks Jimmy Scott is one of the greatest.  It's a fact, Jack.  People should be listening to more of his songs.  I'd suggest more Persuasions too, that stuff has happiness hard-wired into it.  Maybe it's a problem with the education system in America, teaching to the tests and all. 

May I also put in a word for the Last Poets.  Those guys were great, what senses of humor!  (Irony alert)  I must admit that there's a lot more of the 'Poets up now than there was even a year ago, so that's good.  Low hits though. 

People, listen up.  There's more to life than Miley Cyrus, the Beatles, and Jay Z.   

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