Saturday, September 14, 2013

Christina West DUI Arrest Police Brutality By Tallahassee Cops (GRAPHIC ...

This is from about a week ago.  I was expecting it to raise some kind of indignation in the population at large.  Nothing so far, it seems.

My favorite part is the officers' description of the reasons behind their use of ridiculously excessive force on this inoffensive, albeit quite drunk, woman.  "She was kicking me in my groin . . . she continued to reach for my groin . . . she kicked my partner in the leg . . ."  The video seems not to have captured these violent attacks.  She was slow to follow their instructions to exit the vehicle, that took about seven seconds.  Failure to comply immediately seems to have set them off. 

Those two (three?) substantial police officers could not figure out a way to control this woman without literally busting her head?  (Fractured orbit, right eye.)  The police chief predictably defended his offices "procedures," which had been, he said, properly followed. 

Alas, Babylon!  Imagine what they'd have done if she'd called them faggots. 

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