Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Good News! Justine (perhaps Jeanette) "Baby" Washington Is Still With Us

I never claim to be any kind of an academic or anything, no scholar, I.  So although my interests are legion, my involvement may seem a bit shallow.  I generally avoid research.  So simple facts surprise me sometimes. 

Sometimes in a good way.  I think about Baby Washington from time to time, and I always hold her up as one of the great, great singers of my time.  As I was considering the song below, I wondered how she was doing, which is a euphemism for "is she still alive?"

Turns out that she's only eight years older than I am, which makes her only seventy-three, and yes, there's no death date showing on her Wiki file.  I looked at the images too, there are some good more-recent pictures among them.  I think it's great; I hope that she's doing fine.  We all, the world I mean, owe her sincere thanks for all of the great music that she gave us.  

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