Wednesday, July 17, 2013

glitter S.P.C

Great video, great cars, and for a soundtrack one of the greatest 45's of all time.  "He's Waiting," by the Meices! 

Which is THE most obscure record that I own.  I got in as a free 45 that came with a copy of Gearhead magazine in about 1996.  One side was two cuts by the Meices and the other was three cuts by the Fastbacks.  This cut, I don't think it ever appeared anywhere else.  "He's Waiting" is a Sonics song, by them it's easy to find. 

So, as luck would have it, I searched it again today and got this video.  The song is not referenced in any way, so the search engine was working overtime. 

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fred c said...

Glitter S.P.C., or "Glitter C,C" is a car club in Sapporo, Japan. Quite a few nice vid's on the 'Tube. Great vehicles, great attitude . . . I like these guys.