Monday, May 6, 2013

"Race In America" Update: Charles Ramsey Edition

Several young women were freed today after being held captive by a "quiet man" in a nondescript house in a run-down Cleveland suburb for almost ten years.  A forty-something black man named Charles Ramsey was instrumental in the escape.

Charles is a very articulate man in his way, the way of someone who has not received the dubious benefit of an advanced liberal arts education.  Very brave too, at first he thought that he was witnessing some kind of domestic violence situation, big trouble to get involved in those.  He went ahead and helped her out of the house anyway.  Upon leaving the house, Amanda Berry jumped into his protective arms. 

"I knew something was wrong when a little pretty white girl runs right into a black man's arms."

He got that right, didn't he?  It tells you something about the state of race relations in America.

Charles Ramsey seems like a nice guy all around, and he really has that clear understanding of the current state of race relations in America that is very common in the black community.  At one point during his on-camera CNN interview, a police siren whooped in the background.  Charles alerted at the sound and appeared for a moment to be preparing to run away.  Who could blame him?  I'd bet that at least a couple of the police at the scene took some convincing before they believed that he was a hero and not some kind of criminal associate.

Look for the good: the young women have been set free and a black man is a hero.  Thanks for that.

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