Monday, May 20, 2013

Amazing Obama Revelation Number 72,396

I had little idea that the YouTube was so full of this kind of nonsense, honestly, I live in a dream world.  It's become something of a cottage industry, evidently, the Anti-Obama-Video-Industry. 

Obama! The Muslim terrorist!  Obama!  The Chicago street corner thug!  Obama!  The one-world socialist demagogue!  And by the way, have you noticed?  he's black. 

I found this one by accident, for some reason it came up in the suggestions column while I was listening to "It's Gonna Rain" by the Staples Singers.  Go figure.  I like the guys gig-name:  BreitbartGeniusLives. 

"Obama's flag lapel pin is not an American flag!"  The music is ominous, to say the very least.  The damaging revelation is that Obama's flag pin has diagonal stripes on it, and fewer than the required number.  No doubt an impeachable offense!  Not much of a mystery though.  I'm no expert, but I've seen enough to know that similar distortion patterns emerge from the over manipulation of digital images or video.   A few people made this observation in the comments below the video.  A few, and the rest of the comments were of the "Muslim terrorist" or "Worst.President.Ever" variety. 

Oh! Give the man a break! 

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