Saturday, April 27, 2013

Word Search: "Justin Timberlake Worst Dressed"

I'm just watching a Jimmy Fallon show from March, from the week that he had Justin Timberlake on every night.  I've already seen a few of the other shows.  While I admit that I find Mr. Timberlake to be a likeable man, and not untalented, I wonder what he's thinking when it comes time to shop for clothes, or get dressed.  If he has a stylist, that man or woman should be fired immediately.

He must have spent some good money for the jeans that he was wearing tonight, but they were horrible.  This was particularly hard for me to understand, for two reasons: 1) he has an okay build; and 2) jeans are usually becoming on a man with a decent build.  How hard did he have to look for jeans that looked this terrible on him? 

He wore a different leather jacket every night that he was on the show, and one was more horrible than the next.  This, besides that obvious fact that leather jackets on TV are always a desperate cry for attention.  I mean, it's bloody hot under all of those lights, I'm pretty sure that tropical weight suits are the way to go. 

Terrible pants; terrible shoes; terrible shirts; a boring haircut; horrible leather jackets; the man is just a terrible dresser.

The word search, by the way, brings up a certain amount of similar complaining.  I wondered if it was just me, but other people seem to be of the same opinion. 

He does seem to be a nice guy though.

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